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Still working on updating the new version of the TandyCoCo website...
The forum has been integrated with the main page now. Login should be bi-directional. If you'd like to contribute to the website, please let me know.
There's still a lot of sample data on the site. I am slowly getting it replaced with CoCo...
My review of Donkey King for the CoCo 1 & 2 and Donkey Kong for the CoCo 3
My comparison of Pac-Man for the CoCo 3 vs. various clones made for the CoCo 1 & 2.
Insert inline positions and particles directly into the menu
Menu Inline Blocks
Many people have repacked complete CoCo systemns into a PC case. Here's one example.
This CoCo has some interesting modifications done to it.
Written and video review of the phenomenal multi-format music player, SoundChaser, by Bill Pierce.
Recoded with performance in mind with efficient caching solutions
Core Gantry Cache
Extensive set of Gantry 5 documentation and community help
Core Support

Welcome to the new and improved Tandycoco website

We've been workig very hard to try and improve the asthetics of the site, as well as providing more useable content to our fellow CoCoNutz.

To that end, here's what we've done so far:

  • Improved and matching templates for the main site and forum
  • Moved to the Gantry 5 system to make customization and presentation easier and more fluid
  • Linked the registration between the main site and forum
  • Users who wish to contribute articles may request authorization to become a contributer
  • Articles posted to the main site will get an automatic forum post for article discussion

More changes and features are coming...

Obviously, the work isn't done yet - there's still a lot of content to post. And hopefully we'll get some folks wanting to contribute their skill and knowledge, and share with CoCoNutz world-wide. We're looking for ideas, reviews, technical discussion, programming discussion; you name it, and it's welcome here. If you have registered with the forum, you're already able to log into the main site. If not, go ahead and register, your username will work on either the main site or the forum. If you would like to contribute, please send me an email with your username - I'll make sure you get the proper permissions to do so.